Canon 5D still worth buying?

Started May 18, 2014 | Discussions thread
OP SanjayNair Junior Member • Posts: 27
Re: Canon 5D still worth buying?

alpha90290 wrote:

It depend on how the previous owner/owners treated the camera. If it is heavily utilize for wedding or sports action photography. It may have accumulated thousands of shutter counts.

That is why it is sold cheap. The previous owner will expect new owner to change the parts that failed due to wear and tear.

Thanks for the reply. The shutter count is close to 70k and the owner uses it for wildlife, atleast that is what he told me. The price is 650$. From the photos of the body he sent me, it looks slick, but of course , without inspecting it, I wont be able to know. Would be doing it soon. I wanted to know if the old technology still can stand firm among the new cameras, image wise.

PS: Any ways to know while inspecting if any internal parts needs replacement?

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