Is this forum quietening down?

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Zvonimir Tosic
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It's because Ricoh is a boring brand owner


Hi guys,

I've been noticing that this site is quietening down recently, the first page has posts dating back three days "before" it hits the bottom, it surprises me as I think Pentax (under Ricoh) is better placed in the market than a few years ago, perhaps we don't need to fight so hard anymore!

Take a look at Ricoh forum; only more languid forum on DPR is the Konica Minolta Forum. There is a pattern to it, as all these brands were first purchased, then left in open air of uncertainty. What happened to Konica-Minolta's assets is that they were made into a scrambled egg with lettuce snack by Sony. And then left aside.

In this case, it is because of Ricoh's anaesthetic approach to marketing, which entails putting products and entire lines into a comatose condition of uncertainty so that users have no idea:

A) whether it will suddenly wake up or

B) as suspected, be dead, forgotten, and abandoned.

After 3 years of brand ownership, we have had two statements that spark some enthusiasm: Pentax K-3 and Pentax 645Z. They prove at least Pentax has some life left to it, but its lenses — which are the very heart, past, present and future of the system — are still left in a state of total uncertainty.

Things like that — definite and positive movements in all fronts not just one, clear and non-dubious statements as opposed to confusing and misdirected messages — they can make things exciting even among long-time users.

But when the only tangible news is the K-3, and the 645Z remains a science fiction to almost all forum members, there is only as much we can talk about: the situation is exactly the same as when we have had the K5 and the 645D.

  • The gap between lines is same.
  • The lens problems (focal lengths missing, SDM issues, etc.) is still same.
  • Marketing problems (inaudible and invisible presence) is still same.

Ricoh's ownership did not change anything worth mentioning in the sense that we may be certain Ricoh has added some new value on top of old Pentax brand that Pentax couldn't do without Ricoh's supervision anyway. You state Pentax users may think Pentax is better placed under Ricoh, but it is only our wishful thinking, or reassurance that it must be so. We may even argue that Pentax could have done it all faster without Ricoh's fancy and time-wasting rebranding exercises, and, for Pentax, pointless restructuring that took forever.

That time lost for Pentax, was given by Ricoh to other manufacturers to advance forward and establish themselves as even better choices in some regards. Think Fuji. Think Olympus.

And on the Ricoh's own front, they have killed its own lines of cameras, and to compensate for it, they have rebadged some from Pentax. What kind of progress or added value is that?

So indeed, how long we can talk about K-3, a body that finally caught up with competitors in some respects, and the TC, that came after 8 years finally? Should we clap loudly and forever as to some amazing achievement to all that?

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