Canon G1X Mrk II Review, Her eye lashes are Sharp!

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Re: Canon G1X Mrk II Review, Her eye lashes are Sharp!

xzactly wrote:

I’ve had my G1X Mrk II for a week.

I like it, Images look Very Good, Bokeh is nice.

But when I tried to use my (Paul Buff) RF flash triggers,,,

In Manual mode, the display is black, as if it has no flash attached.

Setting 1/500th, f8, ISO 100, not recognizing the RF trigger.

Display lights up to focus, then black again. The flash does fire.

In Av mode, it won't set the sync speed. Unless you release the flash,

then slide on the RF trigger, then it sets sync at 1/60th.

So, pretty much my RF triggers don't work.

Nor does a cheaper RF trigger, or my Yongnuo flash.

Not that I would ever mount a third party flash on my camera.

580EX II and 550EX’s work fine, an ST-E3-RT and handful of 600EX’s

would be nice, but my flashes work fine, and I need to trigger strobes.

I work in manual mode, camera and strobes, most times triggering 4~5.

They worked on the G12, G9 and every Canon DSLR I've had 40-5D.

Only Hope they will do a firmware update to fix this.

Wish I would have kept my G12 at this point.

Not to replace the G1x mrkII, But for DOF a smaller sensor provides.

Smaller products, table top, using light tables, everything sharp for web, brochures and presentations.

Smaller items are tough with the G1X, requiring focus bracketing and Photoshop for desired results, G12 shines at DOF.

G12’s base ISO image was noticeably better than my S120.

At base ISO, Image is pretty close to the G1X, Other than that,,,

The G1X Mrk II is in a league of it’s own, no comparison.

It will not be used during a wedding where I trigger flashes by RF.


The main knob is so sharp on top edge, almost feels like it cuts you.

It catches the bend in my finger as I actuate the shutter,

If I keep it, I will be sanding that edge smooth. (On a new camera !!!)

Might be a bad command knob, never felt anything like it.

Your finger doesn’t slip when turning it, It’s real grabby.

And the "S" button on back is so recessed, It's Way tough to actuate it,

You will not push it by accident,,, For sure!!

It has little to no feel, button is almost smooth to the body.

I can not actuate button with my thumb, I might have a bad button,,,

Pretty much, unusable. Configured the video button as exposure lock.

There goes the quick video button,,,

I think mine is a rough copy and I need to return it for another??

Is this common on yours? Nobody has complained about it,,,

Half press to when it’s ready to take a picture is quick.

As quick if not quicker than my G12, and close to my S120.

Shutter lag is short, I’ve read .25 seconds or so, it’s way faster

than that, I’d say 80~100ms, maybe less, but I’m guessing.

I did use manual focus when I tested the timing lag, quick to me.

Using the flash, still a noticeable lag, like the G9, G12.

For that I’d say easily .25 sec, maybe little more.

Capturing the moment using the flash is going to be tough.

It does vary on how quickly it can acquire focus.

A few misses, not too many. But when it nails it, it Nails it!

I cropped the dogs eye, no resizing, untouched Jpeg out of the camera.

Focused on her eye, trying to focus on her eye lashes.

Using the smaller box, luck or whatever, G1X nailed it!

And does most of the time, black dog, indoors, bounced a EX550.

And that’s with the camera’s focusing light beam turned off.

Over all very happy, Looking forward to Mrk III or maybe Mrk V.

How long till we get the 70D dual pixels,,,

Or at least a few in the center for Quick accurate focus.

And making the blur optional with time lapse, like G9, SD770.

Or attaching a audio file note, last seen in my G9.

Pro 2 it’s not, the image is, but it’s getting there...

Produces a beautiful image! For me, It has the “Wow” factor.

Good grief that's hard to read.  What did you write it on?

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