Thom shops (hypothetically) for an APS-C system

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Greg Lovern Senior Member • Posts: 1,583
Thom doesn't "get" Pentax, nor shooters with different needs and interests than himself

Pentax doesn't have what Thom wants in a system, though it does have somewhat more of what he says he wants than what he theoretically chose from Pentax in that article.

Thom doesn't understand the appeal Pentax has for those who both understand and like what Pentax has to offer.

Thom's army of fanbois believe that what's right for Thom is right for everyone. True enough for many of them, but many others would do well to think for themselves a bit more. Thom's needs and interests are not the same as everyone's needs and interests.

Reading Thom rag on other brands is like reading a Corvette bigot rag on all other kinds of cars. The Corvette may be a terrific car, and the right car for many, but there are other good and right choices for other needs and interests. My minivan works much better for hauling around my family of 5, for example (aging childless bachelor Thom is always showing his complete ignorance of and disinterest in the constraints of being a parent of small children while trying to shoot). And if someone prefers a Porsche, that's a terrific choice too even if that Corvette bigot doesn't approve.


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Brand loyalty is a character flaw.

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