5x Macro with Salvaged Flatbed Scanner Lens

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5x Macro with Salvaged Flatbed Scanner Lens

I have had time to play with the flatbed scanner lens macro setup. This lens provides at least 3x the resolution of the best I can do with my Elicar 90 ( which is saying a lot, given its a fantastic lens. ) And I'm still working out how to optimize the system, as you will see:

Here is the lens mounted in an extension tube. It suffers ( greatly ) from some some light bouncing around in the tube. This causes a lack of contrast and a bright spot in the middle. But, even so, its pretty snazzy. This is the very tip of a cactus flower petal. The entire FoV is 3mm wide.

Tip of Cactus Flower Petal

After realizing the light bouncing in the tubes, I created a light baffle from black duct tape and placed it to eliminate this problem. This can be an issue for extension tubes in general, and using light baffles is very useful. This led me to this test shot of the same petal - albeit with a craptastic backdrop. But you can see the vast improvement in contrast and detail. So 1000% improvement optically, and I shot myself in the head aesthetically. Oh well...

Then I took off about half of the extension tube, leaving the light baffle. The FoV is about 5mm wide. The colors / saturation are pretty much out of the camera...

All of the above images were created using focus stacking 8-12 shots. The DoF is so thin, I need a better focus rail, as its tough to get a series that covers the subject properly. But holy cow, for a completely free lens... its pretty darned good. I have 3 of these scanner lenses, and for whatever reason this on is much better. Too bad its been sitting on my desk for 10 years!

The whole mess can be seen here:


I do regret the first shot did not come out well, it would have been very nice.   I guess I need to wait for the cactus to crank out another flower.

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Flat view
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