Tamron 150-600 Review - by Frank Wong

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Re: Tamron 150-600 Review - by Frank Wong

pentaxk10duser wrote:

hypercore360 wrote:

Not sure if this has already been posted, but here is (maybe) a new review for your consideration:


Get the canon 400mm 5.6 its sharper even when cropped . http://youtu.be/1fmMG5jgDwk

"Sharper" is meaningless unless you are comparing like to like, like two sensors the same except for AA strength with the same lens, or the same sensor with two different lenses of the same focal length.  What matters is how much detail you can get, and since the Tamron at 600mm, especially stopped down to f/9, has plenty of pixel-level detail on a 7D, the 400 cropped can't possibly have more detail, even if it does look sharper; sharpness without a standardized context is totally illusory.

Of course, the 400/5.6L has excellent AF, so you are more likely to get successful AF with it, but AF ability and lens sharpness are two completely different things.

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