Mountaineering and Photography

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Robert Evagelista
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Mountaineering and Photography

Sharing the joys of photography

Mountaineering was the reason I gain interest and started Photography, it has lead to very exciting times of my life, it basically changed everything for the best.
Practically pulled me out of my Health problems and allowed me to meet people.

On this Thread I will use Photos with a minimum age of 10 years taken with a 5 megapixel point and shoot camera with a f/1.8 constant aperture lens. I never realized what this specs means back then but now I really appreciate cameras that can do this, that camera is way ahead of its time and too early for what technology was available back then specially the Card Speeds and battery life. I only wished I have taken RAW instead of JPG. Back in that time RAW processing is basically non existent. There was no effcient post processing tool like Lightroom before.

This is also a testament on how little a megapixel is needed to get descent pictures.

On each photo I will share what things made me take that picture.

This photos captures the best times of my life and will always be part of me.


Power Supply
Taking Photos in the outdoors in the old days was a bit tough. I had to carry minimum 12 double A rechargeable batteries for my camera. and sometimes another 4 for my flash and another set for my head lamps (for night Trek). So power has always been an issue back then. But nowadays you could go away with a full day shoot in one single battery. So having 3 batts, is more than enough for a 2 day 1 night trek. 2 will be used and one as a backup. Actually if you use power saving modes reducing the LCD on time. 1 batt will be enough for the whole trek.

Having the camera ready to shoot will give you more opportunity.
I have many shots that was taken along the trail and it is such a loss if I was not able to take them. However most of my most treasured shots are also well prepared shots at the summit / sunrise / sunset.

Weather Sealing / Shock ProofRain is a normal part of trekking. And weather sealing will really give you peace of mid when you bring your camera out there. or at least a splash proof camera bag.
I experienced 2 times in cold conditions that the picture have huge CA's in the middle of the sensor specially on Dark sunlights.

Data Storage
Shoot A lot of pictures and delete most of them to pick and keep the best ones.
However this is better done in front of a computer. So bringing 2 to 3 Memory cards are a good idea.Water proof containers or packaging is a must for memory cards.

Shoot Raw
I am looking back on my old 10 year old photos. And I have always wished that I shot in full resolution and I should have shot some in RAW. Because Software are getting better and better in pulling out the details from this old files. I am getting new versions of my pictures I Shot 10 years ago. Trust me you will be surprised on what detail you can bring out of those pictures (Even in JPG).

Chances are other people have climbed that mountain. Try to research about main attractions of that place and photos take in that place. Choose the ones that appeals to you and try to create a better version of it during your clmb. At least you have a basleline list of Shots to make and you can add your own captures when the opportunity present it self.

Always be on a look out. Try to look back on your trail and see if the view presents a better perspective compared to what you saw going forward. I have shots I took after looking back on the trail I have made. good example is the picture above titled "Mount Pulag Ridgeline".

Mountaineering is all about enjoying the summit at the end of the day and waking up into the inspiring sunrise the next day. It is also the most interesting time you can get great images. With the warm light a sunrise / Sunset offers. Identify Sunset and Sunrise angles and plan out your composition.

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