RX100 MK3 dimensions

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Re: pocketability - size compared to Olympus XA (OT)

Sh_la_m wrote:

Let's hope that the rx100 III is just a good a photographic companion, and as much fun, as the XA was. Funny, I just a few weeks ago saw a guy using his XA and flash for street shooting in Manhattan. He was having a great time. And took a photo of my 20-something daughter. LOL.

Yes ... during the nineties I almost only used the XA and not my OM gear - that was probably an early case of SLR fatigue (just like I'm now again looking for a compact alternative for my DSLR gear, so I don't have to carry everything all the time).

Btw, I doubt the RX100-3 will be as much fun as the XA, the XA was extremely easy to use. These modern cameras require a lot more attention IMHO (but maybe I should try the dummy modes ...).

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