How many shutter clicks is normal on a brand new camera body?

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Re: Not sure we can say what the problem is...

Sorry, now I've completely lost you. Conspiracy? Only those who own a Df can comment on weather any new camera should have shutter actuation on it?

Albert Einstein once said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." I can relate, after your last post. Enough.

sgoldswo wrote:

Oh dear. Another nothing is true unless announced in a press release conspiracy theorist

As I stated above, opinions of those who haven't owned the Df can be safely discounted.

ne beginner wrote:

Jump to conclusions much? Doesn't worry me in the slightest ... don't be so defensive. The point is very simple and clear: there is no consistency on this issue regarding this camera, and all Nikon has to do to clear that up is put out a notice. No need to confirm yours again; no one cares.

sgoldswo wrote:

To confirm, my camera was shipped to me on the day of launch and arrived the day after launch, with approx 200 actuation on it. It had not been set up.

All I can say is, if this kind of thing worries you, calls you to question the integrity of Nikon, you likely have too much time on your hands. However, for your own piece of mind, you should probably sell all your Nikon gear.

ne beginner wrote:

... Certainly a significant number have reported this. But the number who report zero is not insignificant either.

Also it seems that among that group. a fair number have reported the new camera set up had been completed, with date etc.

It's certainly possible at least some of these have been tested by Nikon, but clearly not all are being tested, if that what's causing this. Nikon has not clarified this.

Wouldn't bother me if Nikon was testing these out. Wish they had done more of that on the D800 and D600.

If Nikon is doing this to ensure we all get a better product, they sure are good at making sure they get no credit for doing a good thing. A simple press release, 5 minutes to write and post, would have made them look like they were on top of their game. Instead they have elected to let the rumor mill of the internet run amok. Again.

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