EV Mistake While Shooting Raw... help

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Re: EV Mistake While Shooting Raw... help

Joe Mayer wrote:

larryis1 wrote:

Today I was at Windsor Castle and could kick myself. I inadvertently moved the EV value to -2, and it affected a bunch of photos thus under exposing them. Very disappointed in myself... Can I correct this big mistake in post processing by selecting no EV correction as I was shooting Raw? First time I made this mistake, would appreciate your insights.

Thanks, Larry

You actually correct it by selecting +2 EV to compensate. With luck, the photos will look fine depending upon what was underexposed. Depending on taste and what is underexposed, you may even find using less will be satisfactory. Let's just hope you don't need more. And don't worry about the mistake. Now you know that the lock switch is there for a reason and you can get in the habit of either using it or check you pics on the back lcd once in a blue to remind you that you have switched settings by accident or on purpose and may need to switch them again. Good luck recovering the photos.


And if you use Canon's Raw software (DPP) it's very easy to fix the whole bunch of photos in one go.

In thumbnail view select all the photos that had -2EV. Select by clicking on the first thumbnail of the bunch and then shift clicking the last thumbnail of the bunch. All the thumbnails in the series with -2EV should be highlighted now.

Then press CTRL T to bring up the tool palette.

Select the Raw tab at the top.

Slide the "Brightness Adjustment" slider to 2.00, which is +2EV, and that's it. All the shots that you selected with -2EV will now be corrected back to 0EV. If you are concerned about the increase in noise you can apply some Noise Reduction.

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