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RAW developing software

I meant to ask this question for quite some time on this forum, what RAW developing software do most people use to process Nikon files? I would think CaptureNX is the best for most (it is best for me), but are there any other preferences? And if you have time, please tell us why. Why a certain program is better for you than the other.
thank you


Nikon software (CaptureNX, CaptureNX-D, ViewNx, ..)
24.0% 44  votes
Phase One Capture One
6.6% 12  votes
DxO Optics
4.9% 9  votes
Adobe Lightroom
49.2% 90  votes
DCRAW front ends (RawTherapee, darktable, Rawstudio, etc ..)
3.8% 7  votes
Other ..
11.5% 21  votes
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