3rd party battery caution.

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3rd party battery caution.

I posted this on http://www.fujix-forum.com/ but thought i had also add it here....

I was taking a shot half an hour ago, just one shot....yesterday the battery level was full, and when i took the camera out for the next shot the battery had run out. No worries i've got a backup battery (this is the 2nd time i was caught dry by the X-E1) now so pop it in - WTF....my new 3rd party Ebay battery was a tight fit and when i pushed it in it won't come out!!!!! Had to violently shake the camera to get it to pop out. Needless to say my mind was off the photography now as i didn't want to push my luck by getting that battery permanently stuck in my camera.

So buyers beware - when you buy 3rd party batteries, make sure u do a fitting test for the camera. The battery has got to slide in/out smoothly unaided...using gravity. Otherwise if it's a tight fit and u push it in it'll be stuck in the camera....that's extra bad out in the field with nothing else to get it out. And it could also ruin the entire trip.

i remember reading last night about someone not wanting to use these 3rd party batteries because he found them unreliable and he also had a stuck one.....now i know what he meant.

Here's the pic of the 3rd battery that was a too tight fit to put into the X-E1. My other (different from this white label version) 3rd party battery fitted all right but i've yet to find out how reliable/unreliable they are.

You might notice the bottom bit of this battery looks roughened....i was trying to make it thinner by scraping bit of it on the road....i was desperate to get this battery to properly fit into the camera (it was the only backup battery i brought along).

I've never had a camera die on me until i had the X-E1.

The 1st time the X-E1 came out empty the switch was in the ON position.....this time it was also on the ON position when i took it out of the bag. It looks like i have to switch off the camera when it goes into the bag to be safe. I half suspect the camera is still consuming power even though it has gone to sleep.......which could explain the draining of the battery.


Fujifilm X-E1
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