Canon 600EX-RT Flash Colour Gel Holder

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Re: Canon 600EX-RT Flash Colour Gel Holder

I chanced upon this old post and saw the merit in doing some experiment to answer at least part of the question. This is what I found:

1) Activation : The auto filter sensor function is turned on or off from 600RT personal function PN05. It only works when the flash is on the camera. It does NOT work with STE3 or in slave mode.

3) WB setting: Setting WB as 'flash' returned a warmer cast at 7100K as against 6100K when set on on 'AWB' (with Full CTO filter and PN05 in 'auto'). So you can take your pick accordingly. Perhaps Canon meant the 'flash' mode to be used for skin tones.

4) How: The filter type (1/2 or full CTO) will be detected correctly by the flash. There is a sensor below the flash which measures the light temperature and makes the corrections.

5) Older models: e.g. 500D worked the same as my as my 5DIII. I do not have a older body to test!

Hope that helps. I will test findings with other color gels later and see if the correction occurs - which should, in my opinion.

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