Which DSLR for Professional Product and Food Photography - part II

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Re: Which DSLR for Professional Product and Food Photography - part II


Did you take time out to look at a Sigman DP3 Merrill and the URL's I pointed to you?

My suggestion is right at the end of the original thread.

It was made a month ago and I am even more convinced the idea is worth considering - even if those already committed to Canon and Nikon would not want to follow it up.

For those who don't want to bother looking for the old thread I said:-

"A DP3 Merrill which, for any time you need it, has macro. 300 UKP

An Eye-Fi card. Say 70 UKP

A tablet. No more than 100 UKP if you avoid the latest released model

A tripod. Second hand with a ball head? 50UKP

You'll have more pixels than any of the DSLR brigade.

You'll have a natty little display device to let you see what is going on and, more importantly, if you have an Art Director (note the caps) something to hold and make him/her feel needed.

Oh, and a lens hood. 10 UKP. Not needed in the least but it will show you are a Pro."

I use mine every week with an art director and we get the shots she needs. And the definition knocks the socks off anything I achieved in my "mad/bad old days" of DSLR.


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