Nikon 18-35mm G User Review

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Re: Nikon 18-35mm G User Review

I just acquired this lens as a travel/hiking lens, and have been surprised by its quality.  After just two days, it seems a very good quality lens, perhaps I have been lucky with a good copy.  As with other posters, I see it as part of a lightweight kit and as an alternative to the 2.8 zooms which I have tended to use in the past.  As such, it would be mainly for landscapes and used at small apertures where I don't go wider than 18mm anyway.  The lightweight and good build quality are big pluses.  The lens has the same form factor at the 24 1.4 but is a lot lighter.

In my brief testing so far, it gets close to the 14-24 at smaller apertures, where it is good in the corners.  I have not purchased a nominally consumer zoom for a while and this has been a revelation.

In terms of overlap with the 24-70, my view is the same as xtm's, the 24-70 is an event lens and very good in that respect, where it partners the other 2.8s.  Besides which, the 24-70 is at its best at around 35mm, and has more barrel distortion at 24mm than the 18-35.

Today I leave on a trip to Brazil and the US and will be taking this with a 50 1.8G and 70-200 4.0G VR on a D800E.  I could take my old 35-70 to fill the gap between the two zooms, but the 50 gives me better quality and light weight, so that's what I'm going with.  Seems a very reasonable and capable package that I can hike with.

Thanks to the OP for posting his review and photos.

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