Comparison Sony 18-55 Kit lens and Sony 17-70/4 Zeiss

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Re: Comparison Sony 18-55 Kit lens and Sony 17-70/4 Zeiss

It looks to me that the centre point varies from shot to shot which means that either you moved the tripod slightly between shots or accidently changed the camera angle.  I doubt that the camera is truly parallel to the wall in any of the shots which means that focus distance will vary across the frame.  I don't think that this is a test that can really be done at home.  It requires you to maintain extremely small tolerances in the camera position across all shots.  Any apparent variability between one side to the other is likely to be due to the camera not being fully parallel to the wall.    Also focus is critical here, to be objective you would need to repeat this test many times, focusing precisely on the exactly same point each time with identical lighting conditions and then select the best shots to ensure that you hadn't inadvertently missed the focus.

In any case both of these lenses would be expected to produce similar results at f8.  Check out test results for any reasonable quality zoom lens from any of the major manufacturers and you will see that they will largely produce similar sharpness at f8.  You mostly see significant differences wide open.  To me this test, like pretty well all the "tests" that have been posted by others, are somewhat pointless as you are comparing the situations where the two lenses are closest in performance.  I would be astounded if you saw significant differences at this aperture.

Try comparing them at 55mm + f4 then you will see the real differences i.e. the kit can't do it.  This is why you would buy the 1670Z - because it can do things that the kit can't not because the kit is a bad lens - it isn't.

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