1st outing with new FZ200

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Re: 1st outing with new FZ200

Hi Steve, I can't give you any advice on how to shoot moving cars, as I've never had that experience, but it sounds like you were doing all the right things. I shoot lots of birds, often moving. One thing I would ask you to try is turn off "quick auto focus" with that turned off the camera holds whatever focus you last set it to. With Quick AF on, the camera tries to focus on whatever the lens is pointing at and if its pointing down, will focus on the ground. When you raise the camera to focus on a more distant object it takes it longer to focus, than it would if its already focused on a more distant subject. Its a bit like pre-focusing the camera, but you're still in AF, so when you half press the shutter, it will respond quicker. That's my theory and I thinks it works in practice.

My observation of your shots is that they look good to me. I was looking closely at the Jag and A40 image, you can see the lettering around the Jag badge. You can't read it, but its visible, I would say that that's pretty good.

With regards to the static shot of the blue car (can't remember the type) its much closer and you will definitely get more detail in something that's close like that, than objects that are further away.

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