Why is there no 1/1.7" 10x compact?

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Re: Why is there no 1/1.7" 10x compact?

flektogon wrote:

NIK11 wrote:

I am waiting for a TZ60 sized camera with a quality 24-200ish f1.8 - f5.6 lens paired with 1/1.7 sensor and built-in EVF plus tilt LCD. All of which is now current technology and just begging for a manufacturer to fill this gap.


I am afraid you will be waiting and waiting and ... for such a camera. I have already gave up. The closest is the Olympus Stylus 1, but its IQ is not so great. If you want acceptable IQ then only the Nikon P7800 remains. And forget 24mm. Anyway, any such long zoom would be lousy at such wide angle, unless it is Zeiss (like the one at RX10).

Actually IQ of Olympus Stylus 1 is pretty good. Just compare images on imagingresource.com with most compacts and also checkout the comparison on Cameralabs.

But I'd miss 24mm and video mode isn't quite as good as some Canon's super zoom compacts (e.g. stabilization and sound). So right now everything is bit of trade-off as usual and you just have to choose trade-offs you object the least...

Maybe we'll see a more compact RX10 eventually but not sure if Canon is planning anything like this. Seems majority of market wants cheap compact super zooms instead.

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