MFT, Fuji and NEX

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Re: MFT, Fuji and NEX

Lumixdude wrote:

Well the hair in particular is over processed and that's part of the Fuji effect I don't like along with the plastic skin tones.

In terms of AF speeds I'm sure you will find the EM-1 is fast enough at up to 11 frames per second. There is no doubt that you will lose some of the noise "advantage" that you gain from a bayer sensor and X-Trans.

The question is whether or not you can handle living with noise or not and a much lower ISO limit, of around ISO1600 max. With the 75mm F/1.8 that shouldn't be an issue, there shouldn't be a situation in daylight at F/1.8 where you should have to drop your shutter speed bellow 1/400th of a second, and you wont get any subject motion blur above 1/100th of a second for moving subjects anyway.

Unless you're shooting people running around mad as a hatter during the middle of the night, you shouldn't have a problem with the EM1. The next question then becomes whether you plan on capturing the effects of mercury poisoning on people in South East Asia.


Oversharpening is a bit of my fault. I overprocess. I am still learning PP.

Believe me, fuji is really good in low light.

As for <oly I don´t need it for low light and think 800 ISO will be the highest I´ll need.

As for motion blur, I think the problem I have with my Nikon is not using slow speeds. I shoot at very high ones but suspect that as my 85 1.8 is not stabilised, my hands, style of shooting, or whatever causes many blurred pictures.

I guess I have better success rates either with the stabilised Fuji or my tamron 70-300 Vc.

So, with Olympus I will have IS (IBIS) and hope that my wobbling hands will be corrected with it.

Am I right, wrong, depends ?

And as far as the AF is fast enough to gathher focuss of normal walking people in the streets I´m OK.

And for very low light or indoors I will use Fuji, so I believe below 800 ISO I will not notice any difference.

Thanks again.

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