X-Trans vs FF - would I be disappointed?

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Re: X-Trans vs FF - would I be disappointed?

A gentleman was telling me how much better his Canon camera was than mine. His primary argument was it cost so much it had to be better. Finally I said, "Let's both take a photo of that women selling candy on the zocalo and we'll see which is best." I took my camera up and he said, "Wait, I don't have my camera with me."

"Then my camera wins by default, doesn't it?" Then I asked for the approximate date of the last photo he took. He sat there and couldn't remember but was sure it was around Christmas.

If you are happy with your full-frame Nikon, why even worry about a Fujifilm mirrorless. I came from a Pentax DSLR and when my daughter visits me in Mexico next month I going to send a camera body and all the lens back with her to sell on ebay.

I did what someone else suggested. When the X-E2 came out the price for the X-E1 and the outrageous luxury tax was removed I bought an X-E1 with the 18-55 lens. A month ago I bought the 27mm pancake lens for $200 and it's on my camera 95% of the time now. The zoom is in my little daypack for the relative rare occasions I want something a little wider or a little longer.

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