A7 and A7r unacceptably slow

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A7 and kit lens harness racing at least 4fps

As much as I love the kit lens (and it is growing on me), it is not the greatest for harness racing.

I normally prefer to use my FD 85 1.2L and manual focus....took the kit lens along just to try the AF.

Jpegs as taken coming towards me and going away....resized as I had to start again a few times (even at half size).

I must have taken my finger of the button briefly as there is a second gap between the first four and second four but the first four are in the same second as are the second four.....so at least 4fps and focusing and tracking....works good enough for me, though I don't usually shoot sequence bursts for sports and am happy enough to shoot single shots or maybe two or three at most.

And a couple of other single shots, one from the kit lens and one from the FD 85 1.2L.

brownie314 wrote:

I am considering going FF soon. I currently shoot a D7000. I was considering the A7. But then I noticed the continuous drive mode is only 2.5 fps! What gives! Why is it so slow? My D7000 from 2009 supposedly placed lower in the food chain will shoot 6fps with full AF. Why so slow for the A7? It is supposed to have the magic beans on the sensor for faster AF - but still 2.5fps? It is suicide in 2014 to produce a camera in this price range that is this slow.

Is this body intentionally crippled so as not to compete with other bodies (D610). Yes I know that is a Nikon - but I think they have the same sensor - and maybe some technology sharing agreement that would cause this type of strangeness.

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