Is it possible for Canon to upgrade the firmware to improve video quality?

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Re: Digic 5+ and the sensor resolution

SystemAgnostic wrote:

I have some hope that either a future version of magic lantern or canon firmware will improve 70D video quality.

Nobody but Canon engineers know for sure, but from what I’ve read on the web, my understanding is that the 70D line skips for when creating video – it will read from every third line of pixels, and skip the in between ones. That results in reading 5472 * 1080 pixels. It then downscales it to 1920*1080. The digic 5+ processor does this.

My understanding is that the 5d mark III does not line skip – it reads from almost all of the sensor (at least the 16*9 center portion). That results in an image 5760*3240 pixels, which is exactly 3 times the height and 3 times the width of 1920*1080. It then either downscales, or it may “pixel bin” – which is to combine the readings of 9 pixels into one… for the result of 1920*1080 which is more detailed and has less moiré than the 70D. Again, the digic 5+ processor does this.

Since both cameras use a digic 5+ processor, I hope that you can program the 70D to do close to what the 5d mark III does. However, it may not be possible. Using the entire 70D sensor would result in an image of 5472*3240, which cannot be “pixel binned” – it must be downscaled. Therefore perhaps the digic 5+ cannot do this work.

Also, regardless of the theoretical – it may be years before Canon or the magic lantern volunteers do this. If you want better video image quality, a $600 camcorder or micro 4/3 camera can give it to you.

Yup but because of some weird calculating it's actually a lower res than 1080.

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