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rick decker wrote:

I am using photozoom also. I compared it to SPP, bicubic and stair interpolation and photozomm appeared to be the best. However, as per a comment by Kendall, I cropped a Merrill image and printed it at 32x48 at 94dpi and at 300 dpi. It was a very sharp flower shot by the 1770C. I don't think you could tell the difference. So for large prints, upsizing is questionable. I used bicubic smoother. If you have a decent printer you ca do it yourself. The size of the crop was about 5x8 and again the size of the full image was 32x48. I have done other tests at 180 vs 300 and the results are similar.


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Hey Rick, I tried PhotoZoom Pro 5 ( http://www.benvista.com/photozoompro ), and it looks like a spectacular resizing program. Here is a link to a gallery where you can see a variety of images that I resized. The last photos, of Biltmore mansion are the ones that I resized. The regular image is there too, for comparison. I tried resizing normally, with GIMP or Preview (the simple photo viewing program that comes with a Mac), if I remember correctly, and included that image for reference too. You should be able to tell what photos were done in PhotoZoom by the names.


You can download those photos by clicking on a small one in the gallery and moving your mouse over the larger image. A MENU button pops up in the top left of the photo, and when you mouse over that you will see the option to download it in the drop-down menu.

WARNING: Some of these photos are more than 20 MB in size, because they have been upsized to very large sizes.

You can try PhotoZoom Pro 5 yourself. It is free to try. You will see that is how I did it, because there are watermarks on the images I upsized with my trial version.

Take particular notice of the angled edges on the roof of the mansion. They look SO much better in the photos resized with PhotoZoom.

Just so you are aware, the gallery is titled SD14, because those are all photos from an SD14, which produces either a 4.7 MP image (raw mode - sharpest photos) or a 14 MP image (special Super-HI mode - only JPEG photos in this mode). You can see by the huge images meant for printing at 40x60 inches that the resolution is far greater than a typical 4.7 MP photo from that camera! (The original image, which was edited and cropped, were 2,556 x 1,704 and the final upsized dimensions are 11,160 x 7,440.)

Here . . . I'll post them here for reference:

Edited and cropped image, up-sized using PhotoZoom Pro 5 (trial edition - notice the watermarks).

The following two photos are for reference.

Original, not resized, but slightly edited and cropped.

Upsized in a "normal" image editing program.

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