Your opinions please, on cropping of wildlife....

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Fish Chris
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Your opinions please, on cropping of wildlife....

for myself, mostly feathers or fur

Anyway, sometime waaay back, when I was first getting into photography, I had read (multiple X's) that their were certain rules about certain aspects of a shot....

Like, the rule of thirds {I assume most people here know what this is about, if not, do a search on it. Good to know}

But here's one that sometimes messes with me a little...

> The center point of a shot, is almost never center of mass, but rather, the eye or between the eyes of a subject.

In this shot of a Western Bluebird, I put her eye only slightly left of the center, with a bunch more space in front of her, rather than behind her.

But you will sometimes see people crop the same shot like this.... Kind of weird, and not artistic IMPO, however, it does allow for a closer, more in your face subject.

Okay now, so on this next shot, I had posted it as a photo challenge.... > mostly for lighting, and noise removal {but I'm always open to people chopping on my shots, however they want to... just if it looks better than my version, they have to tell me how they did it

So anyway, ignore all the chopping

Only concern yourself with the cropping....

My original cropping...

So after I posted it for CC and the chopping block, one kind member removed those ugly white posts (and I hate man made stuff in my nature shots, so I liked that)

...but he also brought it in for that tighter crop, with the eyes nowhere near the center, but way to the left side...

Now, I don't know if I just liked the shot so much better without the posts, that I could overlook the center mass cropping...

But the fact is, I liked this members cropping of this shot better than mine. I went on a removed most of those distracting shadows too LOL


Now, obviously their is really no right or wrong way to crop an image. If the photographer likes it, then its all good.

I'm just curious where most of you are with this ? Do you put much thought into cropping ? Do you follow any typical paths, or personal tastes ?

Thank you,


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