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Re: E-M5 firmware update too

newellj wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

Andre Bomhof wrote:

I meant this bit from the 43rumors article:

"UPDATE: There should be a new E-M10 fw update too with following improvements:

1) Improved image stabilization during movie recording
2) 0-second value is added to the “Anti-Shock” mode"

Hope it gets added to an E-M5 firmware update too.

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Henry Richardson

I understand what you're saying, but I've never experienced shutter shock with my E-M5. The E-M5 shutter doesn't seem to be particularly prone to shutter shock, possibly because of its lower top speed.

While I agree the E-M5 is better than all other Olympus cameras without EFCS, evidence that it has shutter shock was posted to the internet back when it first came out.

If you've been using the camera without anti-shock turned on, I am SURE that some of your photos are a little blurrier than they otherwise would have been, you just haven't noticed it.

Like some other poster said about his E-M1, he didn't know he had shutter shock until after he installed the updated and turned on the 0-sec anti-shock and he reaiized his photos got sharper.

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