RX100 MK3 dimensions

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Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

The pop up EVF appears to be similar to the pop up (non bouncing) built in flashes. It should be just as durable (the one on my S90 never has issues). Except I think there may be an extra step to pull the EVF out a bit.

I hope it is as durable, but there is a difference: the EVF probably needs a flatcable with a huge number of wires, more vulnerable than the few leads for a flash. Will be interesting to see how they are making the connection to the EVF.

Strips. They don't use individual wires. Same for flash. And LCD. Even if it had tiltable EVF, same issue. Collapsing lenses also need it. So it should be a non issue.

I think what you call a 'strip' is what I call a 'flatcable'; still, there is a huge difference in the number of wires which means more vulnerable.

Not anymore than a plethora of them inside a digital camera: retractable lens, pop up flash unit, articulating LCD (probably most demanding) and pop up or articulating EVF. They are designed for the purpose, and you only need one.

yes, but most of those move very little. I have a lot of experience with the inside from cameras, and flatcables that bend/turn repeatedly break down relatively often after prolonged use.

Retractable lens does so every time you turn camera on/off. I actually opened my Sony F828 out of curiosity a while ago, and noticed flatcables that are bent every time I use the swivel for LCD articulation... which is every time (now for more than ten years). Think laptop... everytime you lift the screen... and so on.

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