Needing Help w/ OMD E-M1 AF Tracking Tips for Moving Subjects

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Alex Notpro
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Re: my settings, documented tests

PatrickNSF wrote:

This was very helpful, Alex. Thanks for posting it. I tested your suggestions this morning with the dog and my 14-150mm (not my sharpest lens), and I noticed some improvement. I hope to test more this weekend.

FYI the 14-150 is the world's sharpest 28-300 equivalent lens under 280 grams

>> Must use 'Sequential L' Drive mode. 'H' mode disables C-AF after the first frame. <<What fps do you set "Sequential L" at? I have mine set at 5fps, but I can't remember what the default is.

Mine is at the max which is a nominal 6.5 fps.

Also, out of curiosity, did you hang on to your Nikon D7000 or switch entirely to the E-M1. I still have my Sony A77 (but no lenses) at the moment solely for C-AF. I'd like to figure out C-AF with the E-M1 before selling the A77 (again).

I no longer own a Nikon DSLR, but still have my Nikkor lenses. The full story is a little long:

Back in 2012, I traveled to South America carrying the D7000, an E-PM2, a full set of lenses and flashes for both systems, a Canon S100 compact (1/1.7" f/2.0), and an iPhone 4S. The E-PM2 and S100 were getting most of the action, so towards the end of the trip, I sold the D7000 to a local (prices there are so inflated, it was a great deal for both of us). I wanted to get into full-frame to see what the hype was all about. So when I got back to the USA, I bought a D600 which I had to return (sensor covered in oil after a few hundred exposures) and exchanged for a used D700. I shot with the D700, E-PM2, S100, and 4S for most of 2013, then bought the E-M1 in December right before another trip to South America. Based on the prior year's experience, I decided to leave the D700 at home this time, and take only the E-M1, E-PM2, S100, and 4S. I did not regret this decision. When I initially played around with the E-M1 before the trip, there were only two things standing between the D700 and eBay: moving subjects, and indoor bounce flash. But I got both of these figured out during the trip and when I got back to the US, I could no longer stand the D700's slow and limited AF (focus-and-recompose: yuck!). I quickly sold it. I also upgraded to an iPhone 5S which replaced both the 4S and the Canon S100 (dumped on eBay, I was shocked to find out how much an old iPhone is worth!).

So I'm now exclusively MFT and iPhone, using the E-M1 for photo outings and the E-PM2 when I need to hide the camera in a jacket pocket. But I truly think this is a temporary condition. That's why I'm hanging on to my Nikkor lenses. I want to get back into full-frame, but it will only happen under a couple of conditions. First, I will buy a Nikon Df when the used price drops below $1,000.  Second, I will buy a Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera at almost any price as soon as it is announced and available for pre-order

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