Sigma EX 17-50 - 4yr USA Warranty???

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Sigma EX 17-50 - 4yr USA Warranty???

As the price has dropped $100 until the end of the month, and as my DA 17-70 SDM choked, I ponied up for the Sigma EX 17-50 f2.8 from B&H.  I was also inspired by the fact that Sigma offers a 1 year normal warranty plus the 3 year extended US warranty with these lenses.  Nice to have that level of support.

Anyhow, It just arrived today and I find myself wondering if B&H shipped me all the paperwork.

The warranty card that came with the lens is on blue paper with little "SIGMA" logos all over it and it says...


It lists USA as one of the areas where the ONE YEAR warranty is valid but says nothing about the extended warranty.

The lens came with

- Owner's Manual

- Blue/White 1 Yr Americas warranty card

- Warranty Sticker with serial number (the serial is correct)

Sigma's site says this...

"Full protection. Beginning July 1, 2013, all brand new Sigma Products purchased from authorized Sigma dealers are covered under the 1 year America warranty (North and South America) and U.S.A. extended warranties for a period of three (3) years against defects in manufacturing and workmanship only. Your warranty period begins the day you purchase your Sigma camera, lens and/or flash and runs for a total period of four years from that date (please refer to the warranty policy included with your product)."

I see no mention of four years anywhere in the paperwork.

I'm hoping some recent Sigma EX series buyer can tell me if this is the normal set of docs or if I am missing the USA extended card.

Thanks in advance.


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