What if Sony offered these APS-C lenses...a poll...

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viking79 wrote:

What makes matters worse is they need to protect the price on the ZEISS lenses, so you won't see competing lenses, like a cheap 16-50mm f/4 or a cheap 24mm f/2.

The Samsung 16-50mm f/2-2.8 is about the same price as the ZEISS 16-70mm f/4 and is 2 stops larger aperture at 16mm, and 1 stop larger at 50mm and performs better at most settings f/4 and up (looking at ephotozine tests). And it has real weather sealing, with a rear gasket.

I hear ZEISS and f/4 zoom and I want sharp corner to corner performance. Corners aren't so important with an f/2.8 zoom. Bad corners on a f/4 zoom is not what most people have in mind (maybe 20 years ago it would be okay). Sony is going to dilute the ZEISS name if they aren't careful. If Sony isn't going to make the ZEISS name mean anything, they should just make G lenses and price them realistically.


SO TRUE!!! Also as mentioned by SimonOL above, I totally agree that Sony should just make more affordable G lenses. Win-win for 99% users. Period.

Especially given that their 18-105 f4 G turned out so good. This is one big mistake that Sony is doing right now - NOT making descent G lenses, but making Zeiss lenses which are not top notch (FE55 excluded) for an arm and a leg prices. Sony please wake up!

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