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Re: Shohada Museum (Tehran)

The religious obedient and clergy..

I find this one also difficult as it don't look like a museum, more like an intimate living room which has graced is what we would call Christmas. Of course this is not the case, but what it does expresses is also not clear. Also correct the verticals takes away the intimacy and the three-D feeling, but the most disturbing I find here the list coming from the head of the wife and still captivates it somewhere but I can not put my finger on.


RoelHendrickx wrote:

A modern office building in central Tehran (Iran) houses a museum (not much advertized in travel guides and definitely less popular than the National Jewelry Museum and others), dedicated to the memory of the casualties ("Martyrs" or "shohada") of the Iran-Iraq War.

A soldier keeps guard. Large paintings depict scenes of sacrifice and suffering. Glass cases contain the memorabilia of a number of individual soldiers, lost in the war. And in the small office of the museum, just on the day when we visited, the ceiling is being adorned with dog tags.

This image is not about (geo)politics, but about people, both lost and present.

Any day of the year, conflicts rage across the globe. Lives are lost. Remembrance is a need.

12-40 lens on E-M5

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