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Re: Seems to be a great review

Lab D wrote:

Not necessarily.

A lot of people wont have a computer to handle 4k rendered to HD. The GH4 does not do 4k 50p and its native HD is good but not the best.....Philip Bloom even states the A6000 might be better for HD. He does seem to like the GH4 a lot too though and for the likes of him, I would expect the GH4 to be excellent.

I don't think was serious about the A6000 being better for HD.

I think he was very serious....what he said......

In the meantime don’t forget to check out my GH4 review, well initial review not the video review yet, that will come in due course! I really am super impressed already with it. The GH4 really has so many amazing features that put it in a different league to this camera apart from I think the HD image, which is nicer on the Sony. The GH4 has moire in HD. Not in 4K that I can see and that 4K image is bloody good. I just am a touch disappointed with the HD. The GH4 goes up to a massive 200 mb/s where as the Sony is 24mb/s. But it doesn’t matter how high your bitrate goes, if you have moire at 24mb’s you will at 220mb/s! The Sony also can give uncompressed out to record in a better codec using something like an Atomos Ninja Blade, but it won’t be 10bit 422 like the GH4. That is unique in a camera like this."

And his pros and cons of the A6000.....


  • Excellent 1080p image, detailed with few artefacts. Must be one of the best HD images from a stills camera I have seen, apart from the Super 35mm mode on the Canon 1DC
  • APS-C sensor
  • Focus peaking / magnified focus assist whilst rolling
  • Zebras
  • Clean uncompressed output
  • E-mount is HUGELY flexible and compatible with huge range of glass including Canon EF with Metabones Smart Adapter
  • Speed Booster gives you the full frame look on this camera and amazing low light performance
  • Fantastic low light performance anyway from this excellent new sensor.
  • Almost no moire and aliasing in video mode…I am sure there is but not quite seen it yet.
  • Nice OLED EVF and articulated screen. EVF not as good as the NEX 6 which I believe it replaces.
  • TINY, but good build quality
  • The new Alpha menus a big improvement on NEX cameras
  • Extremely fast AF, continuous burst rates and great stills quality at 24MP
  • Cheap!


  • Audio s(sigh) – no mic or headphone sockets, not compatible with A7R XLR box which really annoys me as I have that for my A7r and AX100
  • SD card slot under battery cover on bottom of the camera, a bit annoying.
  • Only AVCHD"

Clearly the GH4 will be the better camera most of the time for him....for other lesser mortals who may want more of a stills base with occasional video....maybe very different.

Video is like JPEGs. I can get noticeably more resolution, more DR and less noise starting with a 4K video and downsizing that I can from 1080p image. This is why some say the GH4 can equal some of the best FF cameras in HD output.

But as I said, not if you don't have the computing power to down res or if you want 1080p at 50/60P

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