RX100 MK3 dimensions

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Re: RX100 MK3 dimensions

Hope everyone has seen the real pics and specs on other threads.

I always clarify between a pants pocketable, and a jacket pocketable. Categorical difference to me.

I have a favorite winter coat, 4 big outside pockets, exist rx100 & new m3 will fit fine as it has for 2 winters, every day.

I have a favorite spring/fall jacket with 4 big outside pockets, same, both will fit, every day.

Which takes us to Summer, the active outdoor season without a jacket.

I have summer pants, baggy linen pants, loose jeans, shorts, most fit the rx100, (in or out of my pocket shaped dustproof case).

Pants pockets will be more of a challenge for the m3 when I get it, the extra depth 3/16" is the thickness of the control ring, easy to visualize that way.

My point is, you/we should think about pockets that make taking it with us everyday when buying a jacket for 3 seasons, and a few pairs of loose pocket pants and/or shorts for summer. Think of them as camera accessories.

At +20% weight, it probably will go over the comfortable weight even if it fits in a pants pocket. It may also pull your lightweight jacket awkwardly off to one side, I now often put my wallet, (always heavy with money of course), in the opposite jacket pocket for some balance. I can see m3 not being as easy for sure,

But, it will still be in the pants pocketable category (for some), certainly in the jacket pocket category for everyone, and nothing with a fixed lens it's size comes anywhere close to it's ability.

What I try to do is think how it would be if the m3 was the original miniature marvel? There would be lots of talk about how AMAZING the little wonder is.

The original, or m2 certainly are viable choices, used or new, and the price of those is getting down to a very appealing level, rather that their initial, 'what choice do I have' prices.

This sunglasses case has an ugly logo, (I like it, who would bother stealing it?) but the shape, size and material are wonderful for slipping in/out of a pants or jacket pocket.

It's not obvious, but you leave the wrist strap out of the zipped end of the case, it hangs at the ready for a quick draw, like a mouse tail, so you don't ever have to jam your hand in your pocket to get it out. It is natural to put it on your wrist, never to drop the slippery devil. The hook hangs on a pants loop or arm of a beach umbrella (above sand, water, and children. M3 will fit.

btw, looking at the pics, I think the lens is a bit smaller diameter, lowered in order to allow the flash behind so EVF could fit in flash original position.

Soooo, will existing filter adapters fit the new lens? MagFilter gives you a spare adhesive metal ring, I believe it will fit either size lens, not sure about Lensmate or Sony's adapters, never handled one.

My home-made extension tube might be too big, what a loss, hah. Well, there is duct tape.

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