A6000 advice?

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A6000 advice?


I've been using an Olympus EPL1 camera as my backup camera for a few years, and it's time for an upgrade.  I'm shopping around at this point, and the A6000 looks like it has just about everything I want in a mirrorless body, but I am finding figuring out what lenses will work with what bodies to be a bit confusing.

I have a few legacy lenses (micro Nikkor 55mm f3.5, 50mm Yashica ML f1.7, and a 135mm Yashica), but I prefer to use lenses with AF for most of what I do.

I would probably start wtih the A6000 and the 16-70mm as my basic kit. I like having 24mm capability on the wide end.  I would also like a macro that has AF capability in the 60mm range. (Yes, I know AF is not necessary in macro, but I like to have the option sometimes).

For a longer lens, I'd like a zoom lens that gets to 300mm, but will do ok with 200mm at the long end.  (I assume with a faster lens, there are teleconverters available?  Not really in the budget to do a fast long zoom, but it can't hurt to find out what's there).

For the long lens, I don't need a particularly fast aperture, but I would like some sort of image stabilization.

I'd like a 35mm f1.8 or faster for my indoor lens....50mm is a little long, but are there any with IS?

If these are not available in the native E-mount, are there any adapted lenses (A mount or older minoltas) that will work with AF?  Is AF on the A6000 with adapted lenses ok (since it has PDAF now)?

If anyone could just do a short summary of what I can and can't use, and what features I lose on which lens types, it would greatly help my buying decision.



Olympus PEN E-PL1 Sony a6000
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