Bidder/Buyer BEWARE!!! fotocity (eBay seller) and Fotga M42 adapter.

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Bidder/Buyer BEWARE!!! fotocity (eBay seller) and Fotga M42 adapter.

I purchased the Fotga M42 screw mount to Sony E-mount adapter on Sun 5/4/2014 from fotocity (seller) on eBay. Received delivery on Fri 5/9. Planned to shoot with it on Sat 5/10, just got a Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 lens for M42 mount. I had 'about' 7 days to 'test' it for the local store's return policy, that's now expired.

One reason I bought this is because I had purchased the Fotga Konica AR to Sony E-mount adapter from this seller (fotocity) previously. Fast shipping (I'm in SF, they're in LA), fits/works well, focuses to infinity, no wiggle or 'play' on either side of mount, and cost $7.99 USD shipped. Heck, I even recommended the Fotga Konica AR to Sony E-mount adapter and fotocity in a couple posts here on this forum.

The Fotga M42 to Sony E-mount adapter won't catch the locking pin, so can't stay on my Sony a3000 camera. Misses catching the 'notch' by probably less than 1mm, I'm not gonna force my lens mount by trying to over rotate the lens onto the pin. Duh.

I started a dispute in eBay's resolution center on Sat 5/10 and fotocity has been responsive, but VERY brief in replies. They kept asking for details, info, descriptions, and photos. They wouldn't address whether I was responsible for return shipping (as their eBay policy states). Effort was on my part, none on theirs.

"thanks your details and photos ,we thinks there is some problem with this M42 adapter ,now we have give this information to our factory ´╝înow they have solve this problem . for this case ,we would like refund you ,do you agree ?"

- Part of my resolution was requesting they stop selling the defective M42 adapters they still have actively listed on eBay.

Yup, even at this very minute, they still have listings on eBay for this very item. They've 'updated' it by lowering their price to $7.35. But no description saying it doesn't lock properly and there is a manufacturing defect that can cause the lens to fall off one's camera.

I offered two solutions to fotocity as a resolution:

1) refund me in full without requiring me to pay return shipping. I will NOT be happy, but the case is resolved. I promised I'd share my experiences to either choice.

(They were VERY 'unclear' about my requirement to return ship the item. Policy stated I was responsible. I had to get them to specifically agree to this, it took asking them 3 times in messages).

2) Stop selling these defective adapters IMMEDIATELY. Send me one or both of the Canon FD/Minolta MD mount adapters to Sony E-mount FREE of cost, for my troubles and bringing this issue to their attention.

#1 shows no concern, they just want this issue to 'go away.' They've so many ratings, one more just doesn't matter. #2 shows me they work in good faith towards customer service. Value buyers. And 'might've' had a weird oversight in quality control? (Not really). I would be able to share how they worked hard to make this right, gave me confidence in their service and products (if I had 2-3 working adapters as evidence), and value the time/frustration they put me through. Surely I'm not the only one of 33 buyers (of this adapter) to have this issue.

I think xfotoman2011 is the same business as well, using a different eBay seller ID. Price got reduced to $7.35 also, and is also located in Upland, CA.

"Hi,thanks your suggestion ,now we decide ended this item .i am sorry bring this trouble to you ,we would like refund you and you shouldn't return it to us .do you agree ?"

Obviously, they chose #1 option, to refund me in full. They continue to sell these adapters.


Might not seem like any difference, I don't have calipers to measure. But there clearly is.

Pretty clear here?

Also pretty clear?

Please feel free to share your lens adapter experiences in this thread. Even eBay experiences with sellers. I've read quite a few positives (here) about other sellers... Rainbow Imaging and BIG_IS come to mind.

And if you think I overstepped in my request for option #2... each adapter > $3 USD 'cost' or x-factory. Well, I bought a cell phone from a highly rated amazon reseller (Cellular Direct ). It 'always' thought a headphone was plugged in and speaker/mic on the phone wouldn't work for conversations. I asked for a price reduction to keep it (I use bluetooth). He refunded HALF the price!

My point is, I don't concern myself with problems, they happen. How they're resolved can make me a confident & loyal buyer. I'd buy from Cellular Direct again any time, and recommend them highly. fotocity doesn't deserve any business at all. xfotoman2011 too? YMMV.


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