Cameralabs Review of the GH4

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Re: Seems to be a great review

Jorginho wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

SwatOx wrote:

Very positive and highly recommended.

Very thorough too.

If there is an error regards AFC, since dropping to 5-6fps is mentioned in the conclusion under bad points, has anyone pointed it out to Cameralabs??

On their own site, in the forum-section a thread is opened with the line that the review is flawed. So I may hope Gordon notes this.

However: in the EM1 review we still can read this:

"Phase Detect AF not used for movies or MFT lenses."

AFAIK, the latter seems to be incorrect. But he has never changed it.

From this and other reviews, it just confirms my belief that the GH4 is a good stills camera with above average specs and an excellent pro/semi pro good light video camera.

If you want video specs the best by far at anywhere near its price point, same if you want 4k in camera.

For others though....for HD (especially with lower spec computers) or if you want 50p video or above ISO 1600 video then there might be better choices a lot cheaper.,,,same if you want stills and dabble in video.

Above 1600 video? cheaper ones will get you 1080 and not 4K. The Gh4 used at HD mode will completely demolish those cams. It is good until ISO 6400 in that mode!

Not necessarily.

A lot of people wont have a computer to handle 4k rendered to HD. The GH4 does not do 4k 50p and its native HD is good but not the best.....Philip Bloom even states the A6000 might be better for HD. He does seem to like the GH4 a lot too though and for the likes of him, I would expect the GH4 to be excellent.

The GH4 can not go above ISO6400 for video and I am not sure from what I have seen I would say it was that great at ISO 6400 or even 3200...maybe ok though depending on use.

IF your computer and skills can handle 4k and you don't want to use 50/60P and don't use ISOs above 1600, then yes, the GH4 will demolish anything near its price point.

For me, I want higher ISOs, my computer is not great (though fairly new) and 4k is beyond my skills to get right for now.

For some it seems to be the best camera ever (to date) and cheap for its specs, for others it is maybe overpriced for their needs.

True. As with many other camera's.

Probably as with all other cams!

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