What if Sony offered these APS-C lenses...a poll...

Started May 15, 2014 | Polls thread
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What if Sony offered these APS-C lenses...a poll...

There is elite and expensive (to most good folks here) Zeiss 24mm lens f1.8 (35mm equivalent) lens. Now let's pretend Sony listened to NEX users and offered a new wave of lenses with purely Sony branding (no Zeiss blue badge), but moderately priced instead:

Instead of Zeiss 24, Sony came up with Sony 24mm f2 (yes slightly slower) but for under $500.

Instead of Zeiss 16-70 f4, Sony offered Sony 16-70 f4 for $550.

BTW, they did just that with 18-105 f4 - no blue Zeiss sticker but for more affordable $550 (and the lens is tack sharp according for most reviews). Now if only they went for smaller range like 16-70.

My question is would you buy Sony 16-70 f4 G zoom for $550 or Sony 24mm f2 for $500? I mean would you prefer these moderately priced zoom or prime options instead of more expensive Zeiss lenses?

Yes, I would much prefer that moderate option instead of extremes like cheap 16-50 vs expensive Zeiss 16-70.
68.7% 46  votes
I like the idea, but I am good with kit lens so far and not going to spent more than that in near future.
14.9% 10  votes
No, I prefer Zeiss IQ, and would rather pay premium price.
16.4% 11  votes
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