RX100 MK3 dimensions

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Sh_la_m Senior Member • Posts: 1,016
pocketability - size compared to Olympus XA

Baggy pants are the key to pocketability, or maybe a man-bag. Sometimes it is so nice to be of the primary purse-carrying gender.

I was very happy to see that the new RX100 may be very similar in size to my old Olympus XA from the early 80's, when pants were baggier.  It definitely does not fit in my jeans-of-today pockets, but will happily fit in the side pocket of the cargos I hike in, the front waistband pocket of my Clik Elite Cloudspace backpack, a smallish purse, etc.

Olympus XA - 102x64.5x40mm, 225g

RX100iii (rumored) - 101.6×58.1×41.0 mm, 290g

I am not sure how much the "protrusions" add to the RX, but suspect it is enough to make it about the height of the little Oly. Just hope that extra 65g doesn't weigh me down…

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