D70 out, D200 in!

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Cool camera

inlawbiker wrote:

I have just bought one too, should be here next week. My thought is, if newer cameras show all the flaws of lenses, why not use an older camera that makes my mediocre lenses look good? Especially if I'm not printing very large.

Anyway it was really cheap and I always wanted one.

OK My D200 got here and I was way more excited than a grown man should be about a new toy. I fondly remembered my old D70 and anticipated this would be like a time machine.

So I took it out for a couple of days and tried it out. Boy, technology has come a long way since 2005. It feels like the best possible camera Nikon could build at the time, it's just awesome. And Slooooow. Slow to focus, slow to write to the card.

However. The images from the D200 are reminiscent of the D70 and great, even at ISO 800. I'm just not as worried about ISO noise as most people I guess. I can see how this would be a ten year camera for a lot of people.

Part of me thought it would replace my D7000 but ... no way. The D7k lacks character but I have a new appreciation for it. Besides I actually use the video. Now I'm not sure what do to with the D200. Maybe I'll just keep in in my car?

Now if a D400 ever comes I will probably have to buy one, if it's built like the D200 then at least I know it'll be worth it.

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