New Camera 7D?

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Re: New Camera 7D?

rickyred wrote:

I just don't see why every one compares the 7D to the 70D?

Usually it's the other way around - the 70D users tend to compare their camera to the 7D, which has been Canon's top of the line APS-C model. I think they want the feeling that the 70D is replacing the 7D in the lineup. (Whether there will be a 7D Mk II is certainly up for debate, but nobody knows.)

The 70D IS a great camera and does have some features that I'd like on my 7D but it is just not the same type of camera. The 7D is specialized towards high performance and action shooting, built to take heavy professional use. It's a workhorse. The 70D is a great all-round camera meant to appeal to a wide variety of users and uses.

We are fortunate to have the choice. And after 4+ years the 7D is still very hard to beat at its intended use. Going beyond mere frames per second, the 7D's buffer is 2x that of the 70D, and even with a full buffer it can shoot RAW at about 4 frames per second. Does it have a touch screen, fast live view AF, GPS, etc.? No.

But it's still faster than other cameras which do have those things.

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