X-T1: A Sony Shmuck's Perspective

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X-T1: A Sony Shmuck's Perspective

I am not a professional photographer, just a regular guy who liked the jpeg files from a rented X100s enough to sell his beloved Nex-7 and primes. I was hoping that the X-T1 would be a way for me to get those files without having to give up the tilting screen and face detect autofocus that I personally find incredibly valuable. I realize that everyone values different things and that my feedback will likely be 100% useless to 99% of the people here. But for the curious (or bored) 1%...

Listing all the X-T1's positives would be beating a dead horse. The EVF, build quality, image quality, jpeg quality, aesthetics, and just feel of the camera are sublime. It has soul in spades and makes eye-popping pictures. This is what a camera should be and what they stopped making long ago.

That said, I do have a few personal criticisms which have taken me by such total surprise that it's caused me to reevaluate what I'm personally looking for.
-The weight of the kit 18-55 was a complete SHOCK. It is no-doubt a superb optic, but one handing the camera with the kit lens is just not an option due to the small grip.
-Supporting the lens with your left hand invariably changes the aperture. I'm sure this could be overcome with technique, but it's irksome that Fuji doesn't let you move control of the aperture to the scroll wheels on the body if you so choose (especially with the unmarked lenses).
-I lucked out with my rear buttons being super clicky and not at all horrible. BUT my metering dial is super sticky/ hard to turn and trying to set it to center weighted (in the center of the dial) is laughably difficult.
-I wish single shot drive mode had the knurled tab facing straight forward (like center weighted metering is) so that I could sort of do a quick check by feel that everything was nominal. The fact that double exposure is on this dial seems unnecessary.
-My EV compensation dial is brutally stiff. I realize this is mostly preference and I would frequently accidentally bump mine on my Nex-7, but dialing in a few EV quickly is near impossible. Over-correction in my book. I really think they could make everyone happy if they just went to toggle locks on each of the three dials. Click once to lock, again to unlock. Bliss.
-The quality of the SD door is a complete departure from the rest of the camera, made worse because its in one of the few places where you basically have to continually feel how flimsy it is. I would have serious concerns about simply not breaking this in day to day use, much less its ability to repel moisture.

I'm not really sure where to go from here. My main issue is that I wasn't prepared for how much heavier Fuji glass is compared to Sony's (the 18-55 weighs as much as my girlfriend's Nex-3 with battery and 16-50 attached!). I also think that the weight (which stems from much higher quality materials) wouldn't be as big a deal if the grip we just a little larger. I regularly used heavy, legacy glass on my N7 with no problem. The accessory grip may help, but you'd be well into DLSR weight territory and I'd definitely resent having to spend $130 more. Maybe I'll sell the kit lens and pickup a 27mm. Or maybe simplify and pickup an X100s. Or wait for the X200. Or maybe do a complete 180 and buy an A6000 with used zeiss 24 now that the menus and jpegs dont suck. Man, I'm hopeless. Man, I'm a tool.

Regardless, X-T1: freaking amazing but definitely not for everybody.

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