RX100 MK3 dimensions

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Re: RX100 MK3 dimensions

Robert Deutsch wrote:

0lf wrote:

The RX100 is already borderline pants pocketable. This one is simply not pocketable at all.

It was the main advantage of RX100 serie against GM1...

I routinely carry the RX100 in my shirt pocket. The Mk,II's additional weight and thickness put it in the questionable category for shirt-pocketability, which is one of the reasons for my staying with the Mk.I. The Mk. III ups the ante with some very worthwhile improvements--and an additional 2mm thickness. (An extra 9 g. is inconsequential.) If I want a small-but-not-shirtpocketable camera, I already have a GM-1. I'll have to see how it plays out.

Yes, both GM1 with 12-32 kit zoom and RX100-3 are small but not really 'pocketable'. Will be interesting to see how the lenses compare: the RX100 lens is two stops brighter, which could easily compensate for the smaller sensor if the lens performs. The Gm1 lens is pretty good for a compact zoom, hope the RX100-3 is at least the same (especially in the corners). For me the EVF and tilt screen on the RX100-3 is reason enough to prefer that camera, assuming the lens performs.

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