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Re: New Camera 7D?

Vigy wrote:

mabellucyhays wrote:

Vigy wrote:

i need now a new crop camera. would 7d will be suggested?

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Be Happy, Vigy
Sorry but English is not my tongue...

i had a 40D for several years and never used to its potential. I always wanted more megapixels because I crop a lot.

i anxiously awaited the release of the 70D and was all set to purchase when it came out.

the more I read about the favorite features the more I realized it didn't fit me.

i have no interest in video or an articulating screen.

Ninety percent of my pics are outside and over half of them are action. My camera is taken on hikes, 4-wheelers, and often around livestock. It is never abused but I wanted a more rugged camera just in case.

i am so happy with the 7D. I am slowly learning to make use of many of the features the 40D had and more.

if I had been doing inside pics or wanted video I may have chosen the 70d.

thank you mabellucyhays.

your post is most welcome. the only draw back as i see it is that the 7d is already an old model. so why to go with older model? you just got me to think about my needs. i do think that the 7d is closer to the 40d in features but why togo with old model. thank you very much for the post...

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Be Happy, Vigy
Sorry but English is not my tongue...

Well, I  normally want newest, latest. that's why I was planning to get the 70D. But I wanted a very solid camera. As I said, so much of my shooting is outdoors around livestock, logging equipment etc. Almost all of the time I am partially involved in the action and the camera is "nearby" for when I have an opportunity to get some pics.The last few days that means the camera bag is in the back of the 4-wheeler.

I have no interest in video. Wifi  is not important to me. Neither is an articulating screen.

I did put in a lot of worry and struggle with the decision. The 7D just won out out for my lifestyle. And so many reviews say it is such a solid camera for what I wanted to do.

There are some that have the opinion that I would have done well to keep the 40D and get some better lenses.  But I couldn't be happier with my choice. I feel like I have  a solid reliable camera that I will never " outgrow".

I got my 7D right after the 70D came out and will never regret passing up the 70D. With the new 7D being talked about my decision would most certainly be between it and the older 7D not the 70D.

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