New Camera 7D?

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Re: New Camera 7D?

crazybadger wrote:

Vigy wrote:

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Vigy wrote:

your post is most welcome. the only draw back as i see it is that the 7d is already an old model.

- it has a better viewfinder
- it is faster
- it has a bigger buffer
- it uses the more robust memory cards
- it can write to the memory cards faster
- it has the better autofocus
- it has a 2 way level in case you need it.
- it doesn't have the screen swivel mechanism (which only adds to the mechanical breaking points, 3 of my last 4 notebooks died because the electrical connection through such a hinge failed) and it's resulting reshuffling/loss of controls. I fell a fortnight ago and my 7D got slung around widely (I almost broke my wrist trying to keep it from damage, weirdly thinking bones heal, cameras don't), had that been the 70D I am most certain the display would have been forced open and unhinged by the force of the impact...
- it has more direct control buttons
- it has three custom modes (2 more than the 70D) to prepare for a wider array of shooting situations
- the shutter is more durable (150k actuations against 100k on the 70D)

The 70D only has substantial benefits for video users or on occasion for studio photographers (WiFi) - which I am not...

thank you Karl Günter Wünsch.

thanks all for helping

You may want to check out this thread.

Not everyone believes the 70D dissolves under the first drop of water, falls apart at the first bump, continuously stops working because of card problems, or has a menu system that needs decoding by the Bletchley code breakers. Notice the thread is directed specifically at people who have actually used both. By the way...I am a happy 7D user...I'm only posting because this 7D defense force stuff is getting rather silly.

I use both cameras, and they are both very capable.  The 7D is probably a better choice if you're shooting a lot of action or need something slightly more rugged.

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