Travel photography - what's in your bag?

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Re: Travel photography - what's in your bag?

I'm down with the "keep it simpler folks". I bring either my x100 or an X-Pro1 with 35mm. Several batteries and a gaggle of SD cards are tossed in, too. For personal trips, especially with family, I don't even bother bringing a computer or external HD. I just trust the SD cards.

For a while, on personal trips I used to bring only an old Polaroid 110A that I'd taken a hacksaw to, removing the rangefinder, viewfinder and excess body weight. I epoxied a Polaroid back on and would carry that and a dozen boxes of film. Guess focus. Guess exposure. Guess framing. Very liberating in fact. Some of that work can be seen on my website: Small Prints: Here and There. I always considered traveling with only a Polaroid Bigshot, but the cost of flashbulbs made it prohibitive.

For a working trip I would pack differently depending on the projects or assignment, though I'd still be keeping the kit pretty trimmed back.

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