Travel photography - what's in your bag?

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Re: Travel photography - what's in your bag?

I just came back from a two-week Germany trip. Inside my Domke satchel , I had my

  • X-100s
  • X-Pro1
  • 14 mm 
  • 35 mm
  • 55-200 mm
  • extra x100s battery
  • extra X-Pro1 battery
  • Gordy's cross-body leather camera strap
  • EF-X20 flash
  • circular polarizer
  • ND filter
  • lens tissues
  • microfiber cloth
  • sunglasses
  • iPad mini

Not in the bag: Manfrotto Befree  travel tripod.

While I used most of my gear while on the road, I did get tired of carrying it during the last two days of the trip.

What I would consider doing for next time:

  • Leave the ND filter at home. My x100s already has one
  • Leave the tripod at home. Carrying a tripod will probably improve my photography, but it's hard to carry all the aforementioned gear, plus the tripod. I only used it twice in Germany.
  • Carry less gear. If I'm brave enough, like a previous forum poster, I will only bring my x100s. If i'm not that brave, then perhaps the x100s plus the X-Pro1 with 35mm attached
  • Bring a lens pen. My lens tissues ended up leaving a lot of lint on my lenses.
  • Bring my Macbook Air. I wouldn't be carrying it around all day because I would only be using it in the hotel. Having my laptop would probably encourage me to process my photos. Once I get home, life happens and I'm too busy/lazy to process and share my photos.

My fave tip: I replaced my Domke's shoulder strap with Tom Bihn's Absolute Shoulder strap. It made carrying all my gear all day so much easier. If you can replace your camera bag's straps, you should try this. I wouldn't consider buying another camera bag that can't have its straps replaced with this one.

 Bigbig's gear list:Bigbig's gear list
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