RX100MIII price 849 Euro - Ships in July!

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Re: RX100MIII price 849 Euro - Ships in July! - Who care?

Robert Deutsch wrote:

Fredy Ross wrote:

must admit I am very happy with the present version so certainly am not interested in a shorter focal length but wider would be nice. Really feel no need to upgrade thank goodness.

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I have the original RX100, and passed on the Mk.II, but 24 mm, faster (albeit shorter) telephoto range, and EVF might just tip the balance for me. I'm willing to give up sone tele reach for a wider angle. Hope the new lens is otherwise as good as or better than the original.


Oh, I agree, I always said for the original I would prefer/accept 24-80 to get a 24 start. I guess to keep lens pants pocketable, and get good corners without diffraction at f2.8 they had to stop at 70mm.

Thickness: only 3/16" thicker than original (thickness of control ring), 20% heavier though. Tighten your belt. With pop up EVF? How the hell have they done that?

With my beloved CIZ, that's 140mm at 20mp, and I will drop down to 10mp to get even more effortless upscaled 'in-camera' zoom.

As someone pointed out, when you zoom a bit, the aperture closes, so this brighter lens starting at 24mm is terrific.

LCD now goes 180 degrees. Still wish it would swivel and a touch lcd to set focus point would be a terrific improvement.

Many other subtle improvements when you read the full specs here (in the thread's text, the web page is not working for me now)


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