A6000 vs. A77ii Continuous AF - Very confused

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Re: A6000 vs. A77ii Continuous AF - Very confused

Let me give this a go. You are here because your em-1 is not good at tracking. There is a lot of techno mumbo-jumbo with unnecessary arguments which probably confused you more?

Anyway forget it all lol, forget about of the price for a moment and lets consider current tracking systems and see what's good/bad/ugly. I think this is essentially what you are after?

Right so lets start at the top you have the canon and nikon pro bodies which are top of the range in tracking. These will cost about 5 times as much as A6K lol, so lets leave it at that.

(ignoring A77m2 for now because we actually don't know its true capabilities yet)

So far the one of the main features that sets canikon apart from other brands and system are their AF system with tracking capabilities. So about 7 years ago Nikon came out with D300 and D700 both of which had amazing tracking capability which essentially is still in use on D7100 and D800 both of which use the same system. Its probably slightly better now but not much different. The reason why these were and are so good is because of the customizations, tracking methods and speed that the system provided. Go get a manual from one of these cameras and browse through it and you'll start to notice the difference. So far no Sony camera matches this (a-mount or e-mount), remember what I said this the main feature that sets nikon and canon apart. (There are equivalent canons with less AF points but with similar tracking features). So these camera's can handle anything from normally moving subject to really fast ones to ones that move in and out of scene sometimes like if a bird went behind a tree etc.

Now those are essentially nikons (and equivalent canons) “pro” to “enthusiast” bodies. But these brands also sell consumer level or “amateur” bodies like D3300/5300. Sony also sells A58/65 etc. A77 is sony's current enthusiast level body which it quite rightly is but not at tracking. These bodies also have AF-C and tracking will work to a good extent but not as efficient or as well as the above nikons (or equivalent canons) for example. Even Sony A77/99 fall slightly higher than consumer grade but no where close to nikon enthusiast bodies for tracking.

So historically mirrorless camera (well even now actually) used CDAF which is slow but accurate. DSLRs used PDAF fast but less accurate. The problem was that AF was not good enough for tracking and generally didn't even match amateur bodies. So what Sony seems to have done is basically released an e-mount mirrorless body (A6000) with on-sensor PDAF that can match consumer grade bodies with consumer grade lenses priced exactly for that market. So in terms of tracking it will exactly match these cameras and experiences and evidence so far suggests the same (Eg: what Justin said above). At the same time there are other kinds of photography (action and wildlife being a small part) for which you don't particularly need tracking or fast AF. People who use FF bodies for these purposes can use something like sony A7 or sony A7r and still get great quality in a small package and what's more it gives you the ability to use some amazing legacy glass or even your canikon glasses. But should you need better tracking or AF in a pinch you can use sony adapter to get consumer grade AF/tracking performance with these mirrorless too but they don't specialise in this.

So now with the A77m2, Sony seems to have realised where they are particularly lacking compared to canikon and I think this their effort to close the gap. I have heard a couple of claims that its comparable to canon pro bodies but we'll see... no sure results yet. So hopefully now you can see where A6000 falls and where A77m2 is designed to fall.

Now lets come back to the cost, A6K is a consumer body with consumer like abilities. Sony I find generally don't skimp on their bodies too much so you will still find some of their “pro” features on it. It is priced at that market.

A77m2 is their “flasgship” APS-C body which is set against other enthusiast bodies with equivalent capabilities in terms of tracking, AF, lenses, software, EVF, weatherseal, ergonomics, features etc. So it will cost more. I will be ecstatic if this camera matches D7100 in tracking.

In photography everything is a compromise. I picked size and quality over AF/tracking with the A7. If A77m2 is good at tracking this may well become my second body that will help with wildlife and action. But as it stands now sony doesn't have it. You can ask Jamietux up there if you want who used to shoot motor sports professionally. Ask him which camera he'd use now if he got a few motor sport contracts today. I am 99% sure its going to either nikon or a canon. He is just an example but if you see any one doing such things professionally, I seriously doubt they'd be using any sony camera (partly because canikons already have an established market share and partly because canikons are the tool for the job). You don't need a hammer to nail a picture to the wall, a large-ish stone will do but that doesn't change the fact that a right sized hammer is the right tool for the job.

OP feel free to post on other forums, places, read up on reviews, manuals and actual experiences. If you find something vastly different with reasonable proof to what I have said I will happily stand corrected. Otherwise I don't care if someone thinks their A6K is a godsend with unrivalled tracking capabilities with IQ of a medium format.

Good luck with your camera hunt

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