I've been shooting RAW for years... not any more! X-T1

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The Fuji jpegs are good up to 1600 but it pays to have RAW as well.

The rationale to shoot RAW and Fine jpeg.

1) I have an X-E2 and experience the barbification of skin tones effect from time to time at higher ISOs.  Fortunately the problem is in the jpeg engine and so I have the RAW to work from.  No problems there.  I shoot RAW exclusively with my Canon 5DII so this is not a big deal to me.

2) Sometimes the lighting and/or dynamic range of a scene means that I'll want to work on the image in PP and RAW gives you much more scope.  Often I will know that before I make the image. Or I have some artistic ideas that I want to do such as selective exposure reduction of certain elements.  And sometimes I just don't get it quite right in camera despite trying.  Having more scope to rescue an image is helpful, especially if it is emotionally important and not likely to recur.

3) I don't use film simulations (beyond Fuji's own and the Adobe versions) yet but should I choose to in the future some (for example Totally Rad's) only work from RAW.

4) The RAW file can also be processed to jpeg in Camera if you want to see what a different film simulation would look like.

5) If you choose to you can set the camera up to shoot in one of the B&W modes to help you envisage better and then have the RAW to work with to tweak to exactly what you want in PP.

This is not to say that Fuji haven't done a great job with the jpegs, they have.  It's often the case that I can easily give away a jpeg to someone and not feel it is a compromise at all.  And sometimes there is no need to do anything.  I do wish for some way to get round the barbifier, though.

So it is RAW and jpeg almost always for me with the only drawback being write time and storage capacity.

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