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plasmaj wrote:

Why do you think the 25mm over the 45mm? I guess babies don't have to worry as much about the distortion so more telephoto isn't as useful to get a flattering picture, plus i suppose it lets you get up closer to take the photo?

Unless you're getting up in people's faces to get a true headshot where you're capturing little more than the faces, the 25mm doesn't induce that much distortion. The problem is you will often want more than just the face, and indoors, you just don't have enough room to use 45mm, and you will have to back up too much and lose the shot in a lot of other cases. It's great for what it is, but if you have to have one, 25mm is much more versatile.

Remember that distortion doesn't come from the focal length. It comes from your distance to the subject, and that's all when it comes to distortion. If you want to shoot without obvious distortion at 25mm, then just use your eyes and be at a distance where faces look normal, even if it means you capture more or a torso view than a head and shoulder view. You can always crop closer since either 25mm lens has plenty of resolution.

Hell, I'll go even further and say if you really want that one lens you can take anywhere, get a 15mm f/1.7 or 17mm f/1.8. Complement that with the 45mm and you'll pretty much be set. Get used to taking pictures of subjects in their surroundings and you'll never have to worry about distortion. On paper, the 20mm f/1.7 sounds really great, but it struggles with moving subjects, at the risk of knowing that this innocuous sentence might start a flame war.

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