New Camera 7D?

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Re: New Camera 7D?

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Vigy wrote:
the 7d is too old a model.

Ans still it's the best APS-C for photographers. The 70D is more geared towards video usage and can get annoying quite quickly as the joystick has been replaced by the worst muddle of elements I have yet witnessed on any Canon DSLR (thumbwheel is smaller than on the 40D but it contains a mushy 8 way controller which gives no feedback if it has been pressed in any direction which in turn contains the old ok button. So unless you got the fingers and the dexterity in them of an 8 year old you will find this thing mighty annoying...

In my case, if the little 8 way controller broke I would not even notice... I use the real wheel and top gear to navigate menus and to select AF points. And it is really handy - better than using the joystick on the 70D, in my opinion.

Also, to pan into zoomed images I use the touch screen.

So, yes, the little 8 way controller embed in the real wheel is bad, but I just sidestep the problem.


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Karl Günter Wünsch

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